In collaboration with Margarita Tejada

Our vision

Create an atmosphere of admiration, inclusion and respect towards people with intellectual disabilities. We aim for their artwork to be recognized internationally, empowering them, while strengthening their emotional security and self-esteem. Additionally, we aim for their art to help them obtain a source of income that may provide new opportunities.

Our mission

Help people with intellectual disabilities discover and share their artistic talents. Yad promotes their artistic ability with unique home decor products that display their art.


Each product exhibits the artwork of an artist with intellectual disabilities.
The artwork demonstrates their efforts, passion and talent for the arts.

A percentage of our profits are distributed to the artist and sustain Margarita Tejada’s center of artistic creation for people with special educational needs.

Yad has several meanings.

Among them, it means hand in Hebrew and Arabic. Yad gives a hand to our community, by supporting and encouraging inclusion. Each of our items exhibit pieces of art made by hand.

Yad also means remembering in Hindi. Yad remembers people with disabilities, who tend to be excluded.

Our Artists